Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga

You might have heard about Yin yoga from a friend or instructor, but don’t quite know what it is. Yin yoga can be described in many different ways. Many yoga practitioners will say it is yoga for the joints; others experts describe it as a compliment to your “yang” practice. A “yang” yoga practice is faster paced and targets the muscle. Yang Yoga refers to several types of yoga including Iyengar, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, or other forms of Hatha or asana practice. Yin yoga involves long holds that target the connective tissue and fascia of the hips, pelvis, lower spine, and other tight areas of the body. The poses completed in a Yin practice are usually more passive and allow your practice to dig deeper, inducing a meditative state, offering the body the ability to fully release and breathe in the long-held poses.

There are many benefits to Yin yoga. Yin yoga regulates the energy of the mind and the body, increases muscle and joint mobility, lowers the stress and cortisol levels of the body, and provides your joints with more lubrication and protection. Yin yoga creates a calming balance in the body and mind and can aid in increasing your stamina by allowing more oxygen into the body. Practicing Yin yoga on a regular basis will help to create an overall balance to your yoga practice and ensure that the have full range of motion in breath and in flexibility.

Join us at The Open Mind Center, to learn more about Yin yoga and experience it for yourself firsthand. This class will help you to begin to understand and feel the advantages of incorporating Yin into your practice. All ages and levels of practitioners are welcomed. After completing the wonderful and energizing practice, you will feel invigorated, balanced, open, and refreshed!

Kay Dragon - February 2, 2015

Great information! I suggested your Blog to others in my circle!

The Open Mind Center - February 6, 2015

Great! Thanks so much!

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