Dream Interpretation

Dream Interpretation

Individual dream work is your opportunity to explore your dreams, in private, with a skilled interpreter and coach. Dream interpretation is an interactive process involving the interpreter and the dreamer. It involves the practice of analyzing your dreams for personal and universal symbols and metaphors. In the end, you will receive direction and guidance into how to follow the wisdom found in your dreams.

Dream Interpretation Details

A Dream Interpretation is a holistic practice where a consultant utilizes knowledge of dreams as well as intuition as a source of guidance and inspiration. Consultants rely on their comprehension, skills, and intuition to analyze information and provide insight into dreams.

Our approach toward understanding our challenges, problem-solving skills, prophetic abilities, or spiritual awareness is the opportunity we have that can lead us to make positive changes, enjoy a strong, dynamic life, or connect you to your higher purpose.

The Open Mind Center offers both on-site and telephone dream interpretation consultations.

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your consultation. It is important that you begin your session with an open, receptive mind. Arriving early will ensure you have enough time to sign in, relax, and prepare for your consultation.

Dream Interpretation
Dream Interpretation

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