The Open Mind Center Makes a Difference

The Open Mind Center Makes a Difference

Many of us wish we could do more to bring healing and peace to our tumultuous world, yet we know that it will take more than a few material efforts to amend our ways. The Open Mind Center is dedicated to helping individuals (and the world) to heal, and our primary focus is at the energetic level. While it is important to do what we can physically, we know the value of gathering together in like mind and common intention.

Peace Across the Planet is a mission, founded by non-profit Elementals of Life and created to help spread peace throughout the world by identifying people and locations like ours that are united in order to hold ceremonies and fundraisers to help spread peace.

As part of this mission, Elementals of Life has gathered some for the largest Shiva Lingams (naturally shaped temple stones) like those at The Open Mind Center and placed them around the world. The Shiva Lingams were harvested from the Narmada River in India. These stones hold the energy of peace and are a wonderful example of earth’s greatest gifts. The largest stones are breathtaking and often cause people to ask “who’s the artist”; to which we respond, “God.”

The Open Mind Center is honored to be one of the places to receive these stones and invites you to come spend time with our beautiful Lingams, feel the peaceful energy of our center, have a cup of tea, meditate, read a book, or enjoy one of our wonderful healing sessions or classes.

If you would like to contribute to the Peace Across the Planet project or attend one of our ceremonies or fundraisers, please contact The Open Mind Center at (678) 243-5074 or email us at