Spirituality - Poem

Spirituality – Poem

Spirituality, written by Eu Stress is a free verse poem that focuses on the nature of spirituality. What is it? What does it provide? The poem transitions point of views in its evaluation of its conceptual thesis. It goes from the being third person, “it”, to a second person point of view- this signals the increase of personification. Spirituality isn’t just a stagnant force. It’s the personal representation of the force actively constructed by the male “higher power” alluded at the end of the poem.

The poem features a prominent use of simile. Spirituality “is like…” and “Like a woolen…” The basis of most of the description of spirituality is predicated on the idea that you follow the similes, upon which metaphors are built atop. Then the layering of all those comparisons creates a new idea to be interpreted by the reader.

by Eu Stress

Spirituality is like a white swan
With waxen feathers – waterproof.

Once you embrace it,
It shields you
Like a woolen garment in winter
And no matter how often you wade
Through turbulent stretches in life,
Or drench in raining tears,
You are never soaked or sodden.

All the cares and anxieties of this material world
Slip away into obscurity and insignificance
And you can glide through the tempests
Unscathed and un-scarred.
As you know in your heart of hearts
He is there for you.

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