Spiritual Liberation

Spiritual Liberation

Most of us rarely listen to our own spirit or follow our heart. If we do, guilt interferes with the experience. We usually put our passions aside for the sake of other responsibilities, and tell ourselves “maybe next time”. Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith, a teacher in the movie, The Secret, says “spiritual awakening is a journey of the heart”.

He writes in his book, “Spiritual Liberation: Fulfilling Your Soul’s Potential”, that what seems so hard to obtain is really easy. Our willingness to let our Source guide us on our journey is all we need. The very real and honest fact is that our patterns and daily routine tends to separate us from this truth.

While at college, studying psycho-biology in the 1970s, Dr. Beckwith was not spiritually enlightened. He was an agnostic, rooted in the University of Southern California’s drug scene. He became a successful dealer and distributor in several cities. And then something major happened that would change the direction of his life.

Something profound was calling him. He just didn’t know what. But in his book, Beckwith describes the moment when he knew. He describes it as a “dream-death.” In his dream he was chased. This led to him being killed. And finally, after what some would think was already a dramatic dream, he was re-born. From that night on, Beckwith knew that his old self was gone. He knew that there was something more profound he could be doing with his life. His “dream-death” brought him spiritual liberation. He writes that he “dove into spiritual inquiry” through meditation, retreats, science, Eastern and Western mysticism, and every resource he could find.

We’re all seeking spiritual liberation, but not all of us find it. If you want to be free to live the life that your soul craves, start by searching for the answers that liberate you.