Special Events

Special Events

Having a sense of community in your life is an important aspect of spiritual and personal development. For this reason, The Open Mind Center is delighted to host a variety of special events to promote community. In addition to all of our classes and workshops, we like to keep things fresh and exciting by providing a creative place to meet other like-minded individuals that share common interests.

special-events-at-the-open-mind-centerPeople find joy, laughter, creativity, and freedom in a variety of ways that help connect to the spirit. You may pop in the center one evening and be delighted to hear a live set by local musicians, see some original hand crafted/painted art pieces on display, or even get the urge to participate in a Poetry Slam. Maybe you have a talent or art of your own that you want to showcase and need an encouraging and supportive audience. We can provide a space for you to take the stage and get the inspiration you need to move forward with your dreams. We love to invite local authors to the center for an intimate book signing, lecture, or meet-and-greet and encourage our community to join in.

We know that beginning your journey can be overwhelming especially with all of the options out there, so periodically we will host an open house where customers and clients can come to the center to not only meet our friendly staff but also learn about our products and take part in our services. Our open houses are a great way to get acclimated to the center and gain an understanding of all the services we provide.

Our services have grown to include hosting private events in homes or other locations outside of the center. Whether you are planning a spa day with a group of friends for a bachelorette party, looking for ways to de-stress with coworkers or clients, hosting a lecture and need a speaker to educate on a particular health matter, we can meet you on your turf to provide an element of comfort and convenience.

How many times have you been invited to a get-together or event and you do the same old thing with the same old people, and have the same old conversations? Well, it’s time for you to dare to be different and be the guiding light in your circle of friends and colleagues. Shake things up a bit and get their blood and brain flowing with energy by appealing to their spirit. Challenge yourself and others and to heal and grow in a specialized setting. Trust us—they’ll thank you for it!

As our name suggests, we like stay open minded and flexible in our approach to helping people. We pride ourselves in having a well educated and trained team of practitioners, teachers, coaches, and, also provide that “extra little something” to make all who walk through our doors feel taken care of.

When planning your next gathering or special event, make sure to put The Open Mind Center at the top of your list! We’re ready when you are!


Join Us For Special Events As They Will Be Sure To Promote Joy, Laughter, Wisdom, And Community.