September's Must Have Products

September’s Must Have Products

Meditation Cushions

Did you know that The Open Mind Center has meditation cushions? Take your meditation practice to all new levels with these durable, natural and biodegradable filled cushions. Meditation is hard enough without having to worry about being comfortable. Meditation cushions are a great way to ensure a comfortable sitting position, thereby minimizing the need to move around while meditating. It comes with a convenient handle to make transportation easy. You can take your cushion to a class, park, or just use it in your home. It is compact enough to go where you go. We use these meditation cushions for our evening meditation sessions and everyone loves them! Stop by the Open Mind Center and try one out. See what all the rage is about!

Rishi Tea Products

Rishi Tea is an all natural, organic product made with the finest ingredients. The Rishi Tea Company travels all over the world to find the highest quality tea leaves possible. They are a fair trade organization and they use sustainable standards of production. Each tea has its own unique flavor. We offer these amazing teas in our Tea Room at the Center. You can also purchase boxes of tea to drink in the comfort of your home. From the sweet taste of Peach Blossom to the natural loose leaf Green Tea, we have a variety of flavors to enjoy. Stop by today and try a cup for yourself.

Chakra Necklaces

Have you been searching for a way to protect and balance your chakras on-the-go? Our chakra pendant necklaces can help with that. We have all seven major chakra symbols on beautiful and brightly colored necklaces. Each chakra necklace comes with valuable information about that particular chakra. Get one or all seven to help activate and balance your chakras. Stop by today and check them out!