Sail Away With a new Book

Sail Away With a new Book

Holy Shift!

Robert Holden has studied the daily lessons offered in A Course in Miracles for twenty years. He teaches workshops and gives talks on the Course across the world. He is a patron of the Miracle Network in the UK. In Holy Shift, Robert has selected 365 of his favorite passages from A Course in Miracles to serve as daily meditations throughout the year. Students who are already familiar with the Course will enjoy this portable edition of miracles, and those new to the Course will appreciate the friendly and accessible introduction. Holy Shift will help everyone to practice the universal tenets of this profound teaching and to experience a year of miracles.

Angel Detox

Detoxing with the help of your angels is a gentle way to release impurities from your body, reduce fatigue, and heal addictions. This amazing book from acclaimed author Doreen Virtue and Robert Reeves helps you release emotional, physical, and energetic toxins with the help of the angelic realm. Together, these two authors will introduce you to specific herbs, vitamins, aromatherapy, and other helpful detox tools that will cleanse your soul and heighten your connection to the divine. Angel Detox guides you step-by-step on how to detox your diet, lifestyle, and relationships. This book also includes 7-Day Detox Plans for those wanting to quit smoking or drinking, or to flush out environmental pollution.


What affects do eclipses have on our life? What can we expect and how do we determine our fate? This book, by Celeste Teal, has the answers to these questions and more. In Eclipses, Teal draws on nearly thirty years of astrological experience to explain how eclipses act as cosmic telegrams. Discover the healing power of eclipses, and what they can reveal about the current state of the world, our personal lives, and our relationships with others.