Rest, Recover and Rejuvenate

Rest, Recover and Rejuvenate

What Is Your Most Challenging Yoga Pose?

One might say it is to stand on the head, to arch the spine in a deep backbend or to balance on one foot. Most yoga teachers would say the most challenging pose for students is Savasana, corpse pose.

The physical technique of the pose is actually quite simple. Lie on the back with the feet wide. Relax the arms out to the side, about a foot away from the body. Turn the palms to the sky and let the fingers curl naturally. Close the eyes, soften the face and allow the tongue to relax in the mouth to help ease the jaw. Observe the sensations of the breath and then leave the mind alone.

But for many, an agitated energy may take over while lying in stillness. Students may fidget, stare, or worse, consider slipping out of the door before the class has even ended. It can be challenging to let go of accumulated physical tension in the body, to soften into slower inhalations and exhalations and then to simply leave one’s mind alone. But once a student relinquishes, the body and mind begin to receive and absorb numerous benefits.

In just 10 minutes Savasana allows us to recover from any physical stress brought on from previous yoga postures and to release any lactic acid buildup acquired during a practice. Savasana provides an opportunity for the mind to connect to an ease and sense of peace. With the breath moving gently at a relaxed pace, blood pressure is regulated and the immune system has a chance to grow stronger.

The next time you find yourself feeling challenged in Savasana just remember that physical stillness gives the body, mind and spirit an opportunity to unite and an opportunity to rest, recover and rejuvenate.

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