Release the Past, Embrace the Future

Release the Past, Embrace the Future

“It is not in the stars to hold our destiny, but in ourselves.”
-William Shakespeare

“Moving on” is a concept we’ve all heard time and time again. Unfortunately, it’s easier said than done. Releasing the past is difficult. It holds cherished memories, aspects of ourselves that we love, but may have lost, and the people who helped shape and mold us into who we are. It also contains painful memories: trauma from childhood, unhealthy relationships, and lost loved ones. With all the value we put into what once was, it’s tough to push it aside and move into the now.

Moving forward, reclaiming our life, reshaping our future, and loving the person we are today takes time and consistent work. It’s a process and a choice. But doing so offers us the first steps towards a happier and healthier tomorrow.

We can become aware of the issues that paralyze our growth through the practice of meditation. By sitting in stillness, you become in tune with yourself. Unresolved issues will come into focus so that you can heal from 
Once we are aware of the issue, we have to accept it. You have to accept your past as it truly was, understand the people for whom they were, and admit to yourself about who you used to be. Try keeping a journal, setting new goals for yourself, and most importantly, be aware if you start falling back into old patterns.

Recognize that you can’t change what has already occurred. Realize that you shouldn’t want to. The past has shaped who you are today. However, you are in charge of today. Be ready and willing to live for tomorrow. Find joy in the healing process. Play, have fun, and laugh at yourself. Everything doesn’t have to be deep and philosophical. Being silly allows you to relax and find pleasure in your growth. Love yourself enough to take action towards a better future. Namaste’.