Product of the Month: Spirit Lala Jewelry

Product of the Month: Spirit Lala Jewelry

Did you know that The Open Mind Center carries jewelry designed by local artists? We believe in giving back to and supporting our community and this is one of the ways we do that. This month we are featuring pieces by a local artist named Spirit Lala.

Spirit Lala is from McDonough, Georgia. She creates her pieces of jewelry from everyday life. She pulls her inspirations from all of her surroundings, especially those that most people overlook. For example, if she sees a flower, she notices the relationship between the flower and the earth as well as how the flower incorporates into our daily lives.

She then takes these ideas and puts them into her jewelry, creating stunning and individual pieces. These spectacularly beautiful and unique pieces are hand crafted with beautiful details, by Spirit herself right here in her own home and studio. Many of her pieces are made from all natural or recycled materials. Every single piece of jewelry features inspirational words and beautiful illustrations meant to help you along your spiritual and healing journey. Each piece is created with a unique design which makes them extremely personal to the person who wears them.

Spirit Lala’s jewelry is great for birthdays, anniversaries, and for those needing some extra inspiration along the way. They can make the perfect gift for many of your special occasions. Her pieces include bracelets, pendants, and necklaces. They are extremely popular and sell very quickly.

You never know what you might find and which piece may call to you. There is a piece for everyone, but if you can’t find it, she does custom pieces that we can order for you.

So come on in and visit us at The Open Mind Center to add Spirit Lala jewelry to your collection. We have her latest pieces.