Our Holiday Gift Guide

Our Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season is fast approaching! Getting gifts for family and friends can be a lot of work. To make your life easier, use this fool-proof gift guide!

The holiday season is fast approaching! Are you still on the lookout for the perfect holiday gift for friends or loved ones? Getting gifts for your family and friends can be a lot of work, not to mention perplexing. With all options available during the holiday season, it might be hard to find the right gift. To make your life a little easier this holiday season, we put together this gift guide for you!

Crystal Journey makes Reiki charged candles that can help you with a variety of intentions and desires. Some of these intentions include money, love, and positive energy. Each candle also comes with an affirmation to say when lighting your candle to enhance the power of your intention. They are made with a soy-based wax and are Reiki charged for the maximum benefit. Crystal Journey’s essential oils makes this naturally fragranced candle the perfect addition to your holiday scents.

Journals are also great holiday gifts. Your friends and family can fill them with their dreams, wishes and even their secret desires. We have beautiful journals with unique covers, many of which include an inspiring quote and bookmark to match. Journals are great for diaries, making to do lists, and creative writing. You can also carry them for those moments of inspiration that you don’t want to forget.

As the weather gets colder, we all need to keep bundled up and warm. Scarves are the perfect item to do the trick and they’ll keep you stylish as well. Stop in and look at our 100% silk scarves directly from India. They come in an array of beautiful and unique color combinations and fun patterns. Some are paisley, floral, and a few have elephants, a symbol of strength and wisdom. Scarves are a great accent piece in winter, keeping your neck warm as well as adding some color to your winter wardrobe.