MONEY - Understanding The Spiritual Meaning For True Abundance

MONEY – Understanding The Spiritual Meaning For True Abundance


Webster says that money is a “medium of exchange, a measure of value, a means of payment.” There’s nothing evil, unspiritual or too materialistic there. Money is simply a part of the physical-living process, and in the past it varied as stones, beads, feathers, fishhooks, animal skins or shells, etc. Now something you may not know: the energy of all things, including money, is already an inherent part of your individual force field, which is an essential part of your Light body. M.O.N.E.Y stands for “My Own Natural Energy Yield”, according to John Randolph Price.

To those of you who have read up on the spiritual applications of money can now relax and see that we truly have been given all that we need and want. It is our birthright as humans to live, love and provide for ourselves and our families. Can you accept that you are enough and open your heart and consciousness to the universal flow that is you? When we realize that the presence of God is within us, that is the realization of the Kingdom of Heaven (Harmony) within you. And out of this Kingdom flows everything we could desire in this life (cited from The Abundance Book by John Price)

This knowledge brings us right back to our foundation. My Own Natural Energy YIELD! Say to yourself, “What I am putting out will flow right back to me shaken, pressed down and over flowing.” This is total awareness. And again say, “My thoughts towards myself and my world are important as I open my heart and mind to receive the increase and with interest!” Ever notice how when you smile you get two smiles back? Perhaps we can begin to see money as a gentle kindness instead of the cold hard cash that it can be. Warm your hearts and minds up to this principle and shift the way you see your money and walk into abundance!

We hope that you use these teachings to get abundance in life.
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