Last Minute Holiday Shopping

Last Minute Holiday Shopping

We always hope to get all of our holiday shopping done early. We make lists and schedule times to go ahead of those congested holiday crowds. But regardless of our preparedness, life tends to spill into your plans, and early, relaxed shopping turns into wishful thinking. No matter how hard we try, there is always at least one last minute present we rush out to get. Not to worry though, with these tips you will have a stress free experience!

For the creative types, making something can be an easy and fun last minute gift. There are endless possibilities of presents you can create yourself. You can construct jewelry, draw, paint, and collage. You can even knit or sew your present. Remember that handmade gifts are always unique and meaningful.

If you need a gift for a big group, whether for teachers, co-workers, or a holiday party, try baking something. Sweet treats are loved by all, they are great for sharing, and there are an infinite number of delectable you can drum up.

When you need to get a present for someone very dear to you, books work well. You can share a piece of yourself by giving them a book that changed your life or made you think differently. Alternatively, you can get a book that reminds you of them and show that you think of them often. Additionally, you can customize that book by writing a heartfelt note in the front or back sleeve for the recipient.

Lastly, stones and crystals make a great gift for anyone. Each stone has its own properties that help us stay balanced energetically. If you know someone that could use healing, come in and create a stone set. It will make for the perfect gift.

Have fun and good luck!!