July’s Must Have Products

July’s Must Have Products

Maroma Incense

You love our Maroma soaps and oils. Now try our Maroma incense. With new scents like Lavender, Champak, Abundance, and Blessings you are sure to find a scent that brings you peace and clarity. Maroma started back in the seventies with just twelve scents and grew from there. Maroma incense is hand rolled and complete fair trade certified. All of their products, especially the incense, are created with the intent to promote inner peace, well being and balance. This incense is ever popular with meditation and yoga practices. Maroma is highly aware of keeping our planet safe and is involved in reducing our carbon footprints. So not only will this incense make your space smell amazing, but you can also feel good about purchasing something that isn’t harmful to the planet. Stop by today and find your favorite scent.

Terra Essentials Prosperity Candle

Terra Essentials has always been a staple at The Open Mind Center. Their products make for some of our most popular items here. This month, we’ve brought in one of their new candles. It is sure to bless you with continued abundance and prosperity. Allow the scent of cinnamon, frankincense, cedar and patchouli to fill the air and take you away to a place of tranquility. Terra Essentials are a multi functioning candle, which is one of the main reasons they are one of our most sought after items. They are made with a soy wax, which can be used as a lotion. They have essential oils and natural fragrances in them, which gives them an amazing scent and energy. The candles also have a surprise gift for you. Each of them has a stone or stones within them to help activate the intention of the specific candle. Come try one for yourself and see what all of the buzz is about.

Lamp Rings

So you’ve been looking for those ceramic oil lamp rings everywhere and you just couldn’t find them? No worries! We’ve got you covered. Stop on by and pick up your lamp rings and a bottle of your favorite oil to go along with it. The ring is activated by the heat of the light bulb and gives off the aroma of the essential oil. Just a few drops and you’re all set to go. Save time, energy and reduce putting harmful chemicals into the atmosphere. These make the perfect gifts for any occasion.