Is There Ever a Right Time to Move On?

Is There Ever a Right Time to Move On?

Do you feel yourself struggling to keep a smile on your face or to keep calm, happy thoughts rolling through your mind? Are you stressed, irritable, or unenthusiastic? Is there a new career route you would like to explore, a toxic relationship that has come to an end, or do you have dreams of moving somewhere more exotic, even out of the country? Is there ever really a right time to move on from the status quo and on to your next greatest adventure? One thing you can be sure of is this: there is never a wrong time to do the right thing.

The world is full of new avenues and opportunities for personal and professional growth. Is your current situation inhibiting your growth or enabling you to settle for what you have and not pursue something more? Empower yourself with feelings of confidence, love, worthiness, gratitude, and peace so that you may let go of your emotional attachments and explore your deepest desires.

Change is inevitable, so there is no use in fearing or worrying over what the future may bring. If you are debating making a major life change or transition, be sure that you are going about it the right way. Firstly, you need to feel calm and emotionally stable; do not make hasty or rash decisions. Secondly, weigh your options before making your decision. Ask yourself: what kind of outcome are you looking to achieve? Thirdly, be smart about your decision making; keep in mind that the quickest way from “Point A” to “Point B” is a straight line, so you should have a plan in mind. Lastly, ask yourself whether or not you have given your current state or situation “your all”. If you are sure that there is no more energy that you can expend on a certain situation, and nothing has improved, then you can be satisfied in knowing that it is time for you to move on and continue evolving and expanding your horizon and your life.

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