How To Navigate Change

How To Navigate Change

As the earthbound caterpillar liquefies in its cocoon during its mysterious transformation into a butterfly, change is an opportunity to shed the limitations of the lower self and be reborn to the higher self.

Change is both scary business and an inescapable fact of life. Everything is impermanent and eventually passes away. Some changes are natural, like aging through the life cycle, while others are sudden and catastrophic, such as illness, job loss, or the death of a loved one. We are living through an extraordinary time of change and global transformation. Many times in the past, social changes have been isolated, affecting only certain groups of people. This time, the changes occurring within our global environment are affecting not only every one of us but every kingdom of life.

Change happens every day, to everyone; it’s the one constant in life, the thing that connects us all. Whether life has thrown a change at you or you’ve sought one out, it’s natural to find it difficult. 
Learn to see change as positive. It may not look or feel positive right away, but every door closed is simply making room for a bigger and better door to be openedThose who are good at change always focus on the positive that will inevitably come from any transition. You have to have confidence that everything happens for a reason. A part of your life could get shut down to make room for a bigger and better adventure you would not have taken had you not been given the opportunity. Sometimes, you bring on the change yourself. You are done with something or someone before they are done with you. In this case, it was your decision to close the door, but the transition can still be scary if you allow it to be. 

I want to encourage you to choose confidence and excitement when you begin to get uncomfortable about transitions. Remind yourself that something great will come of this. Something great comes from everything. You are safe and taken care of. The universe is supporting this transition. Not only are you going to be okay, but you are going to be great.

The Open Mind Center has amazing staff members that can assist you through your life transitions. Our massage therapists can provide therapeutic touch; our readers can offer some insight into the future and our one-on-one coach sessions can provide keys to dealing with change better. 

For a better understanding on the phases of change so that you can be more aware of what it is you are going through, check out this article entitled The Critical Nature of Change: How I Learned to Love the Leap of Faith from The Voyager,