Honoring Your Commitments

Honoring Your Commitments

“The three great essentials to achieve anything worthwhile are, first, hard work; second, stick-to-itiveness; third, common sense.” -Thomas Edison

Commitments are, at times, difficult to honor. We know this because we’ve seen other people break theirs. Although this is usually a little harder to admit, we also know his because of our own ability to stay committed to others. All of us have to do the work to stay on top of our commitments.

Here’s a great example:

Your boss has decided to give you and your co-workers Thursday off. You get excited and make plans for that day. On Wednesday, you get an email from your boss and he or she has changed their mind because there’s just too much work that has to get done. Are you upset? Sure. Now you have to cancel those plans.

Now try to change your perspective:

You and your boss come to an agreement on your regular schedule. This allows him to give you work on a reoccurring and consistent basis. But how do you think your boss feels when you decide to take the day off.

How does your friend feel when you make plans to go out, but then cancel at the last minute? We tend to not think about how the other person feels. We don’t consider what they may have had to do in order to meet with us. Honoring our commitments start with us.

If you can honor a commitment to yourself then you can honor a commitment to another person. If you can hold on to your New Year’s resolution, and carry out what you intended, then you are well on your way. Take responsibility. Look deeper and make a commitment to treat yourself better mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Only then can we begin to keep our commitments to our relationships, co-workers, friends, and family members.

There are so many positive impacts that can happen as a result of keeping our word. Staying committed creates abundance and good karma. What you give you will receive, which means that you will attract others who are true to their commitments to you. Staying true to your word also frees you energetically from negative or tense energy. Feeling uncomfortable or tense around people or situations is unnecessary and avoidable.

And if for, whatever reason, you really, instinctually feel the need to break a commitment, don’t be too hard on yourself. Sometimes we get too tired or are too upset to keep a commitment. In those cases, making changes to your plans can work out for the best. Be discerning and be honest.

We aren’t suggesting that you stay committed to people and situations that are not good for you. In cases like these, you must commit to yourself first. If a situation isn’t positive for you, it probably isn’t positive for the other party either. Be true to yourself and your instincts. Honoring your commitment in this case may mean being completely honest and stepping away for the good of all.