Holiday Preparations the Zen Way

Holiday Preparations the Zen Way

“There’s something about a holiday that isn’t all about how
much money you spend.” -Hilarie Burton

It’s that time once again when we start thinking about our holiday preparations. Halloween is just around the corner and we will be picking out ghoulish costumes and the latest and greatest candy for all our neighbors to enjoy. Soon after, we have Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Christmas, etc. Although this is a time for excitement, fun, and festivities, it can also be a time of stress, chaos, and high energy. Staying sane as we navigate our way into the busiest season of the year can often be a challenge.

This year we encourage you to try something new. Can you envision a year with no rushing for last minute Christmas gifts or getting the first pick of Halloween candy? How about having Thanksgiving dinner on time this year or maybe even 5 minutes ahead of schedule? A stress-free and enjoyable holiday season may be a new concept for us all, but it’s certainly possible with a little help, careful planning, time management skills, and prioritizing. Below are a few of our favorite tips for remaining stress-free during the busiest time of the year.

First, make sure to plan ahead. So often we put things aside until the very last minute. We rush to finish purchasing gifts, making travel arrangements, cleaning our homes, and even preparing lavish dinners. This year, give yourself a sufficient amount of time to get everything completed. You will save yourself enormous amounts of frustration and unnecessary chaos. Next, take time for yourself. If you don’t learn to relax through all the preparations, you can over work yourself and burn out quickly. While shopping for your holiday gifts, take a break and get a massage or enjoy a cup of tea at the nearest cafe. This moment of pause will give you some time to relax, gather your thoughts, and effectively plan out your next task.

Finally, this year, embrace your limits. There’s so many of us that try to bite off more than we can chew. It’s important to ask for help when you need it and delegate chores, cooking, shopping, etc. Not only is it a great way to get the entire family in the holiday spirit, but it also takes a load off of you. This will allow you to enjoy the moments spent preparing for this special time, instead of it all becoming a blur because you rushed to finish everything. We wish you the best as you start preparing
for this special time of year. Happy holidays!