Holding Space

Holding Space

Holding space is an act of love. Holding space is a beauty path, a golden road, a Tao.” -Erica Ross

A light house beacon burns brightly in the distance. Its rhythmic blinking gives direction and comfort to the boats in the harbor, as well as to the loved ones on shore waiting for their sailors to be guided home safely. Holding space is like the brightly burning beacon; it is a light and comfort that is held for someone in need.

Holding space is the process of sending love, light, support, and healing energy. To hold space, you visualize the recipient in their best possible self at all times. We all know the satisfaction of making a casserole for a friend who’s dealing with a crisis in their family or picking up a gallon of milk at the grocery store to give to your next door neighbor who has a cold and can’t make it to the store. The “doing” makes us feel better and gives something tangible for the recipient to hold onto. Holding space works on the same premise, but on a much deeper level. It moves you from giving the much needed casserole or gallon of milk, into giving love and light, sending peace and calm, having pure acceptance and offering no judgment. By holding space for someone, you can affect the well-being of a person right next to you or thousands of miles away. The energy you send to them will be felt continuously on a spiritual level.

You don’t only have to focus your energies of holding space towards another person; you can, and should, hold space for yourself. Holding space for yourself is the ultimate act of self love and acceptance. By giving yourself this grand personal gesture, you maintain a presence of comfort, forgiveness, acceptance, and healing that will allow you to soar with limitless possibilities. It becomes the gallon of milk that is perpetually full or the casserole that is never ending. 

In times when you think you can’t do enough to help someone (or yourself) through a difficult time, hold space. Become that beacon of light, of direction, of comfort for yourself or someone else. The energy that you put forth in love, understanding, and comfort will be felt at the highest level by the person you are holding space for and they will be carried into the harbor safely.