Great Gifts!

Great Gifts!

Selenite Wands

Selenite is a colorless, translucent mineral that’s found all over the world. It promotes meditative states and spiritual awareness. Selenite is powerful enough to reprogram other crystals. In addition, it is a great stone for clearing both unwanted emotional and metaphysical energies. It is excellent for meditation and spiritual work. They can be placed around a room to create a safe, peaceful space. Stop by The Open Mind Center to get your own selenite and take your spiritual self to higher, more fulfilled, state.

Electric Oil Lamps

Do you love burning candles, but worry about what could happen if your candle is left out. Here is the solution. Try our electric oil lamps. All you have to do is plug it in and enjoy the wonderful scent! Plus, they have a dimmer switch. So both the brightness and warmth can be adjusted. Come to The Open Mind Center to get your own electric oil lamp and get that energy that you’ve been looking for without any of the risk.

Gift Cards

Are you having trouble finding the right gift for your colleague, friend, or loved one? You want to get them something that they can use again and again, something that will help them, and something that will entertain them. However, you just can’t seem to find the one thing that will satisfy all those needs. How about this year, you think outside the box with your gifts. Give the gift of experiences, knowledge, and personal growth. Here at The Open Mind Center, we offer gift cards that can be used on all of our classes and services, as well as retail. Your gift’s recipient can use it to get rejuvenated, take yoga classes, find a good book, and much more. Give many gifts in one, with The Open Mind Center gift card.