Finding God in the Unknown

Finding God in the Unknown

“There will always be a frontier where there is an open mind and a willing hand.”

-Charles Kettering

Fear is a concept that many of us are all too familiar with, especially as it relates to spirituality. We’ve met many people who’ve come to us and have been open to trying more society acceptable, holistic practices, but shy away from trying something they may be interested in because of religious or personal judgments. The word “Un-Godly” has been used a time or two in reference to a particular class, service or product.

Let’s look at the word, God. Isn’t God in everything and everyone? Doesn’t God surround us all? Didn’t He create everything? Just because someone else’s God may not be who you pray to at night or what you grew up learning, doesn’t mean their deity has any less value or spiritual substance. If we would really take a look at various religions, we would notice that there are similarities in each of them. Let’s look at angels for example. Angels, or winged beings who act as messengers, are depicted in various religions. They may have different names, but their purpose is all the same.

Isn’t it time that we let go of man-made judgments and stereotypes that have no validity, and adopt a more loving and open minded approach to religion and spirituality? There are many different ways to do something, many different paths to spiritual evolution or religious bliss. All of our journeys may be different, but the hope for our final destination is the same. The energy of God is loving, understanding, patient, and kind. No matter what your neighbor may call their God, it’s important that the God-like energy in you recognizes the God-like energy in them.

So how do you healthily and consciously begin to retrain yourself to see the connection between “their” God and yours? First, let go of control. You cannot make anyone believe that your way is the best way. Next, try something new. Let your hair down and try something you may have held back from because of fear. You may just find that this can add to your spiritual or religious practice in a healthy and positive way. Lastly, don’t judge. Refrain from immediately judging other peoples’ beliefs and practices before you know the facts. Maybe by researching their beliefs you may find that it is very similar to your own.