Exercise All of You

Exercise All of You

You decide to not go on that backpacking trip because you’re afraid that you won’t be able to keep up. You decide that instead of coming to terms with your faith, you put it off to the next day, deciding that “later” will be a better time for contemplation. She thinks that there’s nothing else for her to learn because she’s finished school and has therefore learned enough already. He believes that by just ignoring his issues related to his upbringing, they won’t find a way to filter into his new life. All of these statements probably don’t apply to you, but maybe some do. It’s never too late to become physically fit, or for that matter, spiritually, mentally, or emotionally fit. If you start now, you’ll start being happier now. Each of the muscles you exercise aid you. If you make them healthy and strong, that will help you in reaching all that you want to achieve.

Start now by walking around the block today and make it two blocks tomorrow. Start running even. Or, maybe if that’s not your type of exercise, find something that fits you. Eat more healthy foods—less junk food, less sugar—more vegetables and fruit.

Start now to exercise those mental muscles by testing yourself frequently; make it a game to see how much you can remember about ordinary activities. Enjoy the Sudoku or cross-word puzzles habitually.

Start now by keeping those emotions in check—not bottled up, but consciously aware of what you’re feeling and why. Ask yourself if the feelings you’re experiencing are new or really no longer applicable to this new and different situation.

Start now by meditating every day—five minutes a day the first few weeks, and increase the time spent meditating slowly. Get in touch with your spiritual self—higher self.