Embracing the Future of Now

Embracing the Future of Now

 “Let me embrace thee, sour adversity, for wise men say it is the wisest course.”
– William Shakespeare

So many of us are walking our spiritual path alone because we are afraid of who may find out about our spiritual choices. Maybe we are scared of what we may uncover or, better yet, uncovering who we are at the deepest level. Opening up about our spiritual lifestyle, or even embracing it, can have a great impact on our overall ability to move forward towards enlightenment.

We’ve become so focused on what society believes is acceptable that at times we deny ourselves the right to explore who we are or try new things because of self-induced fear. Now is the time to let go of the fear of the unknown and embrace the future. Think about it… Years ago it was taboo to get massages. The thought of you going to a stranger, taking your clothes off and allowing them to massage you was totally unheard of and borderline risqué. Now massage therapy is mainstream. Nobody whispers or turns their face when mentioning it.

What about yoga? Remember when yoga was completely foreign and thought by most as odd or weird? Now yoga has become an acceptable practice by the masses. The positive effects that yoga has on the overall health of our body, mind, and spirit have been widely accepted by mainstream audiences all over the world. Let’s not forget about chiropractors. Though still not accepted by many insurance companies, it is an art that has slowly, but surely, been making its way towards becoming a “normal” medical alternative for many people. The name itself is no longer unrecognizable.

It seems as though the past is speaking for itself. What once was for hippies and gypsies is now for hipsters and health conscious individuals. It’s no longer about satisfying the mind, body, or spirit, but learning to integrate them all for a healthier lifestyle. What’s unfamiliar today will be tomorrow’s next best thing. Don’t wait until things become acceptable to embrace them. If your soul urges you to try something new that’s meant to better your life or help you along your spiritual path, now is the time to head forward with confidence. Put yourself and your health first. Everyone else will follow. Here’s to a happier, healthier, and fearless you!