Create Your Own Vision Board!

Create Your Own Vision Board!

Designing your own vision board is a colorful and exciting way to visualize and manifest your deepest dreams and desires. Adults and children of all ages can benefit from the creative outlet of vision boards as it serves as a tangible representation of a specific life goal.

Creating a vision board is easy. You may already have the resources you need to make one at home! You will need a dry-erase or bulletin board, inspiring photos or words, either printed or cut out from a magazine, and your imagination. Simply decorate the board with your chosen photos or words, place the board in an area you will see it often, and take time each day to focus your intentions on the new “masterpiece” that is your vision board.

Below are several different vision board styles to choose from or to help inspire you with your own board:

Keep in mind that your vision board is your vision and you are free to make it look however you desire. It can be as colorful or creative as you wish it to be. Oftentimes, magazines or old calendars or books have beautiful phrases and photos to use for your vision board. Be resourceful; instead of throwing out something that you have already read, renew it! Turn it into an incredible masterpiece, a source of inspiration, by adding it to your board.

Use images and words that have meaning to you. If a particular saying or photograph makes you feel happy when you see it or helps you to stay focused on your personal long-term or short-term goals, pin it on your vision board! Don’t forget to use your own pictures from a vacation or an event that make you feel joyful when you look back on the memories.

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