Chrysoprase: Stone of New Beginnings

Chrysoprase: Stone of New Beginnings

Chrysoprase is typically apple-green to yellow-green in color and is part of the microcrystalline quartz group known as Chalcedony. This mineral forms in cavities of lava and gets its green color from nickel. It has been found in Brazil, Australia, California, Russia, Poland, and Germany. The word Chrysoprase means, “golden leek”. Chrysoprase has been used since 400 BC and historically was used for protection and to ward off infection.

On a physical level, it is said to aid in stomach and digestive issues. It also helps to strengthen both the physical and energetic heart. On a mental level, Chrysoprase soothes anxiety and brings hope to seemingly hopeless situations. Emotionally, this beautiful green stone brings a sense of well-being and helps one to forgive oneself and others for past hurts. Chrysoprase helps those new to healing work to be more receptive to the energy.

After an illness, Chrysoprase helps to stimulate new life force energy. It is a premiere stone for new beginnings, a great stone to bring to a new job or when starting any new endeavor. It is also said to be beneficial to use when trying to attract a new love or relationship, maybe because of its spring like color.

The element associated with Chrysoprase is Earth. It has a very goddess-like energy and helps one to connect with the heart and spirit of the Earth. This stone would be of great assistance when working to heal earth energies (especially with the traumas and changes our planet has recently been experiencing). Although one would typically use more grounding type stones to connect with the planet, Chrysoprase assists greatly in connecting to nature spirits. Meditating outdoors with this stone will bring a new vitality to the auric field. As an elixir, Chrysoprase helps one move through the emotions surfaced through difficult relationships with others, bringing a light of compassion for both the self and others.

Chrysoprase would be best cleansed in a natural type of way, such as in a stream or left out in a light rain.