Choices: A Poem

Choices: A Poem

This poem discusses the very nature of choices, the most basic of conflicts that we have to deal with everyday. You have the choice to tell the truth or lie. You have the choice to do something for someone else or yourself. You have the choice to read this article or not. The very instrument that shapes your life is the choice. If you want to craft something beautiful for yourself, you need two things, as the artist. First, you need a canvas and paint. Let’s call that your life right now. Then you need a tool to manipulate the canvas. That can be the paintbrush. In your case however, that would be the choices that are presented in front of you every day.

It’s important that you take your choices seriously. The smallest actions of buying the pizza vs. the salad, watching television when you should be reading, sleeping in, when you could be productive, lead to habits. Those habits form the fabric of our lives. If you don’t like your life you have to change your habits and that is not an easy feat. It takes strict observance and dedication. But if you want a beautiful canvas for your life, start strong on every stroke.

“choices can be easy,
as well as not.
they can be small
or they can change your life.
choices will follow you
all throughout life.

you will win,
but you will also lose
and some choices
just leave you confused.
the choice to leave,
to stay,
to fight,
or to just walk away.

we face these choices every day.
you will be pushed
and shoved around
but always stand your ground.
the choice is yours.
don’t let anybody tell you
that your opinion is wrong.

so make your own choices, everyday.
and don’t worry about
what other people think or say.”