Burning Candles for Love

Burning Candles for Love

We all desire unconditional love. Many people turn to candles to help manifest their vision for this very thing. Unfortunately, manifesting with candles doesn’t always work. It isn’t a defect in the candle; it’s us. Sometimes we are not specific enough. Maybe we haven’t worked on ourselves enough to be able to give what we are asking for in return.

The first step in candle magic is to really assess what you want. What things are non-negotiable and what can you compromise on?

Next, take a look at yourself. Without judgment, try to pinpoint a few issues in past relationships and see what part you played in the problem. Have you had reoccurring issues that you need to pay attention to?

Lastly, choose the candle that best suits what you want to manifest. Anoint your candle with oil or herbs (optional), and visualize everything you desire as you hold your candle. By doing this you are setting your intention into the candle and charging it specifically for your needs. Below are a few candle suggestions and their purposes.

Clearing Relationships– This candle is used to clear any old debris and toxins from past relationships. It is perfect to use after a breakup or before starting a new relationship.

Soul Mate– This candle is used to attract “the one”. Remember that our soul mate isn’t always who we think it is.

Passion– Use this candle when you’d like to add a little fun or spontaneity into a current relationship.

Happy Marriage– Use this candle to bring peace, happiness, and joy back into a marriage or committed relationship.

Attraction/Love– This candle is self explanatory, but be very specific.

If you’re still looking for guidance on how to go through the process of lighting a candle charged with your intentions, you can ask us at The Open Mind Center and we will help you find answers to your manifestation desires.