Augusts’ Must Have Products

Augusts’ Must Have Products

ScentBall Aromatherapy Diffuser

Do you like using your diffuser but you don’t like how it doesn’t quite get into every room in your house? Now you can enjoy the positive effects of essential oils in any room of your home. You can even enjoy different scents in different rooms. Just grab your favorite essential oil and place 10-20 drops onto the diffuser pad. Then place it back into the diffuser and you are ready to go. Plug the ScentBall into an electrical outlet and relax as the aroma fills the room. The ScentBall Aromatherapy diffuser is one of the easiest ways to freshen up your space. Ever better, you can take this amazing little product anywhere you go! Are you going on a trip and your hotel room smells a bit stale? That’s not a problem. Bring one of these little guys along with you and create a beautiful aroma inside your room.

Aromatherapy Herbal Baths

If you’re looking for an upgrade to your usual bathing routine, look no further. Stop by The Open Mind Center to pick up some Nature’s Alchemy Aromatherapy Herbal and Mineral Baths. This soothing mineral bath has health benefits and can add to your healing as well. For example, the sea salts are an excellent way to detox yourself and your body. You can eliminate negative energies and old wounds with it. Pure essential oils naturally enhance your mood. And that goes hand in hand with the mineral baths. With this mixture of herbal extracts, pure essential oils and sea salts, you are sure to immerse yourself in relaxation.

Pure Lavender Sunscreen

Protect your skin this summer with Pure Lavender sunscreen by Alba Botanica. It’s SPF 45 and water resistant after 80 minutes. It’s also gluten free and biodegradable. Make this the perfect companion to your beach tote!!