Accepting What Is

Accepting What Is

Do you ever get frustrated with the life you have? Do you feel like you deserve more and you know there’s more to life than what you are currently going through? Maybe it’s time to let go and accept what you have at this very moment. Trade those old foggy glasses in for a new pair and take a look at all the wonderful things you do have.

In order to accept what is, we have to come from a place of gratitude. Seeing the beauty in our lives and ourselves is the key to unlocking our ability to accept our current situations. For instance, think of all the wonderful blessings you have. Your spouse, children, job, and your home are all blessings. The lessons you’ve learned and the people you’ve met in your life are also things to be grateful for. Having running water, internet, food, clothing, and transportation are all small blessings that we take for granted. Sometimes, just paying attention to the items that help us navigate through our day smoothly can put our bigger frustrations into perspective.

Accepting what is does not mean that you have to stay in the situation you’re in. Focusing on what you are grateful for simply replaces negative thought forms with positive ones. As you become increasingly grateful for what you do have, you send a positive signal to the universe making yourself a magnet to positive people, situations, and opportunities.

When you make the changes you want within the areas you find most challenging, you’ll begin to see wonderful transformations manifesting in your life and doors opening that were once closed. Below is a list of ways that can help you begin to accept what is, transform your thoughts and manifest your bright future:

1.      Start scripting for what you want. This will help you not only send a message to the universe, but also act as a guideline for your hearts desires.
2.      Make a list of everything good in your life. Really think about how not having these things would make your life more challenging. Then, allow yourself to become overwhelmed with gratitude.
3.      Forgive yourself and others who you believe may have contributed to your current unfavorable situation.